Review of Udemy's Docker and Containers: The Essentials

Posted on Mon 29 October 2018 in Review



I recently found short two courses about Docker on Udemy there were listed as free by the author as they get ready to update the course. This is a review of Docker and Containers: The Essentials by Luke Angel. There is a third free Docker course by the same author as well.

I have a very basic idea of what the container/microservice architecture is designed to solve. I've never used it professionally or on personal projects. My experience is limited to reading articles about technologies such as Docker or Kubernetes and thinking that I'd like to try those out at some point in the future.


This course is a one hour, very high level, overview of what containers are. The course description mentions that there won't be detailed developer examples, and this is true. My issue with the course is that it is to high level. This course is not for anyone with even a tiny idea of what a container is.

The author has basically created an hour long, narrated Power Point presentation. Even worse, there are at least two instances of lecture that are duplicated (and are pointed out in the community feedback and Q&A section). The narration is obviously edited from multiple microphones and the sound consistency is uneven. The author also spends lectures typing on their keyboard while talking. This is loud and distracting.

Motivational speaking makes it into one of the final lectures, explaining that we are winners for being on the right track by studying Docker.

Final Thoughts

This is a course that is several years old. It is not well put together, with multiple lectures being duplicated. Sound issues plague the presentation throughout the hour. The content of the course is accurate - as of a few years ago - but has areas that are outdated at this point.

I don't know how long the author is spending on updating their courses, but there is a lot that needs to be done in just this one hour course.

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