About Andrew Wegner

I enjoy leading engineering teams to success. Success in both a business sense and in an "overcoming a large technical challenge" sense. I've held Engineering leadership roles as Director of Engineering at Woven Teams, Vice President of Software Engineering at PacketFabric, Head of Technology at White Square Media, Application Lead at Caterpillar and Manager of the residental helpdesk at Northern Illinois University. I've built products used around the world. I've built, lead, grown and mentored teams, systems and, most importantly, engineers from around the globe.

I have a background in computer science and information security in several industries: Academia, Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics, Telecommunication and Human Resources Information Management. I also have experience at various types of companies, ranging from pre-seed, Series A, Series B, and large corporations. In short, my background covers a wide swath of areas that want to build high quality engineering teams.

In my free time, I enjoy board games, video games, and a good hands on project. The projects vary depending on the time of year. It gets cold in the winter and I do prefer a nice warm climate.

Who am I?

Andrew Wegner
a.k.a Andy Wegner

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