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Updating the design of the site

Posted on Thu 17 November 2022 in Side Activities • Tagged with technical, Pelican, meta

I've updated this site with a new theme and some under the hood improvements. This article covers those updates and what I hope to accomplish.

Autobuild and Deploy this Pelican Blog

Posted on Thu 15 November 2018 in Technical Solutions • Tagged with technical, Pelican

It's time to automate the deployment of this Pelican blog. This is a walkthrough of how I set it up.

How I set up this site with GitHub Pages and CloudFlare

Posted on Thu 09 July 2015 in Side Activities • Tagged with Meta, technical, Pelican

This post provides a brief description of how I set up the web site to utilize GitHub Pages and CloudFlare and eliminated my self hosting

Why I moved from Wordpress to Pelican

Posted on Sun 03 May 2015 in Side Activities • Tagged with Meta, Pelican

A brief summary of why I dropped Wordpress and moved to Pelican