I am looking for an engineering leadership role

Posted on Thu 18 August 2022 in Jobs

It's been a busy couple of days. On August 16, I was part of the 15% workforce reduction efforts that Woven implemented. This was not entirely unexpected, as our customers started scaling back their hiring efforts it was imperative that Woven didn't outgrow what it was able to sell.

I took the last few days to orient myself, and prepare for another job hunt. I'm looking for an Engineering Leadership role and would love an introduction if you could make one. I'm over on LinkedIn, where I think it's going to be easiest to interact with my professional network.

In the meantime, this one is going to be a short post. Depending on how this goes and what twists and turns I go through to get to my next role, this may turn into a series of posts in the future. Time will tell.

Hop over to LinkedIn to join the conversation and provide those introductions! I'd really appreciate it.

Andy Wegner - Engineering Leader with experience recruiting, mentoring, training global development teams

- is a father, an engineer and a computer scientist. He is interested in online community building, tinkering with new code and building new applications. He writes about his experiences with each of these.