What Job Source is using which ATS?

Posted on Tue 06 September 2022 in Jobs

What Job Source is using which ATS?

That's a question that no one has asked me in my current search for a role, but it is information I have! It's been a few weeks since I started my hunt for a new engineering leadership role. It's time to start sharing some statistics that I'm seeing in this hunt. Today's information was originally to see if a specific job board favored a specific ATS.

Spoiler: Greenhouse and Lever are the most popular. I'm sure no one is surprised with that. I was surprised that so few roles posted on LinkedIn that are appearing my job alerts are using the Easy Apply feature though.

Maybe my next question should be: How many jobs have you applied to where you uploaded your resume and then had to type it in manually? Without looking at my data, I theorize it's over 50%.

I'm still looking for an engineering leadership role, but in the meantime, I'll share some occasional numbers from my search. Reach out to me if you are looking for a leader to join your engineering team!

Job Source to ATS Sankey Diagram - A few weeks into the search

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