The Launch of Viva Printworks

Posted on Sun 21 May 2023 in Side Activities

Viva Printworks Banner | Link to Etsy shop

Viva Printworks has launched! It's a small - for now - business producing unique designs for various products. We are launching with 30 designs on t-shirt and hope to expand to other product types in the coming months.

Dana and I have talked about building a side business off and on for years. During my job search last year (and all the fun that entailed), these discussions became most ernest. After determining what we wanted to do, figuring out the technicalities of starting a business, and figuring out how we were going to accomplish this - we did it!

Viva Printworks launched our first wave of designs on May 18, 2023 on Etsy. As we go through launch, growth, expansion and general business lifecycles, we hope to expand beyond a single platform.

This is exciting for us! Check us out at Viva Printworks on Etsy. I suspect that I'll have posts in the future here, as well, discussing some of the technical aspects of the business.

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