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Posted on Mon 25 February 2013 in Vipers
Updated on Wed 03 Apr 2013


Financially, Vipers is supported by donations from the community. When the community doesn't cover the cost, I end up covering the difference. This isn't my favorite thing to do in the world, but we've been pretty successful in the past. In recent months, though, we've been coming up short more frequently. This has motivated me (and the rest of the admin team to find ways to cover costs). Now we have one.

Welcome to the new raffle bot

I've built a Raffle bot based on SteamBot, which is the base of Entries to raffles will be one entry per refined metal. You can have an unlimited number of entries. I will convert the refined metal to various prizes (with the goal being keys most of the time).

Then we'll have the system select a set of winners from the entries. A user can only win once per raffle, so even if you you have a gigantic number of entries, your odds of winning more than one position are zero. Only one win per steam id.

Using the prices from, the bot will determine the "value" of the items within the trade.

How does this off set costs?

Items that are received that are of high value or any additional keys we can get based on raffle entries will be sold on various TF2 trading markets. The profits from these trades will be used to cover some community costs.

Keep high value items for future raffles?

This question was added based on feed back from the community. It was added on March 20, 2013

The original plan was to sell any such items. However, due to community feedback, I've changed my mind. We will utilize "high value" items as prizes for future raffles. These future raffles will not be announced until any running raffles are complete. It is also possible that such a raffle will run separately from the planned monthly ones.

Our first winners

Updated on April 3, 2013

Our first raffle completed at Midnight on April 1st. I was surprised by the number of entries we received. I'm even more surprised that the second one has begun and is already three quarters of the way to the number of entries it took a month to receive. People want those keys, and I saw mention of those Bill's Hats too.

The number of entries we received allowed us to completely cover the community costs that donations didn't cover. Thank you to all our players that entered!

Our first winners are:

  • Cashprizes: Winner of 10 keys
  • Popinfresh: Winner of 7 keys
  • Iamthebaron: Winner of 4 refined metal
  • That Guy From That Thing: Winner of 1 refined metal

First Raffle Bot Entries and Winners

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