Mann Vs Vipers Beaten!

Posted on Thu 05 December 2013 in Vipers

The Team Vipers' Mann Vs Machine modification - Mann Vs Vipers - that was completed in August has finally been beaten. Last night a starving group of players finally put down Wave 9.

The players were:

  • MooMooCow
  • CutieVamp
  • Batman
  • Starfox
  • Healthy Cyanide
  • Zhiv

The team struggled against the Admin bots - InsaneMosquito, Venom and SchooledYa. I've been told we are terrifying to play against and making us MvM bots with even higher stats made it even more terrifying. (I approve.)

Here's a video of Wave 9 from the victory. The winning strategy appears to be the one that works against us most of the time. Separate the medic (me), from the Heavy (Venom) and the Soldier (SchooledYa). Together, we're hard to stop, but apart we can each be picked on for a while until there is no health left. The bots must have learned that weakness as well (I don't approve.)

Congratulations to the winners!

UPDATE: I'm not sure when the video was taken down, as it is not a video on my account. Sadly, this victory has been removed from YouTube.

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